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[Published: Thursday February 08 2018]

Nigeria airline door falls off
Abuja 8 Feb (ANA) - A Nigerian airline has blamed a passenger after one of its aircraft doors fell off on landing. Dana Air says it is impossible for a door to fall off by itself "without a conscious effort by a passenger to open it”.

The flight had travelled from Lagos to Abuja when the door apparently came away. But a Dana Air spokesman said there was no way it could have been shaken as, "when an aircraft is airborne, it is fully pressurized".

What's more, the airline went on to say it had been inspected by engineers alongside a Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority team and "no issue was reported".

The spokesman added: “The [return] flight was only delayed for eight minutes as we needed to demonstrate to the regulators that the safety and comfort of our guests is at the centre of our operations.” (ANA)
FA/ANA/8 February 2018-------


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