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[Published: Tuesday February 13 2018]

 US 'extends sanctions against Zimbabwe'

Washington 13 Feb (ANA) - The US has added more Zimbabweans to its sanctions list, Zimbabwe's privately owned NewsDay reports.
Government sources reportedly told NewsDay that the foreign minister Sibusiso Moyo was told two weeks ago that sanctions would be extended to more ministers at least until the general election.
The newspaper says the sanctions are believed to include new ministers who have joined Mr Mnangagwa's cabinet.  NewsDay's sources told the newspaper that the US believes politicians deserve sanctions because it perceived President Emmerson Mnangagwa to have come to power in a military coup.
However, the US have not commented and their Treasury's sanctions page has not been updated since March 2017 - where is already lists Mr Mnangagwa as a sanctioned individual.(ANA)
FA/ANA/13 February 2018-------

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