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5 criminals behind multi-million pound benefit fraud convicted in UK
Climate Resilience/Report
Infrastructure for a Climate-Resilient Future, report
Multiple people shot during Eid festival in Philadelphia
Vietnamese billionaire sentenced to death for billion fraud
AI/Digital Transformation
Digital transformation acceleration - Artificial Intelligence
Ukraine/AI-Powered Drone
Ukraine developing ‘unstoppable’ AI-powered attack drone
Biden to consider Australia's request to drop prosecution of Assange
EU Parliament/Migration
EU passes asylum and migration pact after eight years of deadlock
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh three sons killed in Gaza strike
Gaza/Reconstruction Cost
How much could it cost to rebuild Gaza after Israel's war in Gaza?
IFAD-funded project to promote payment for environmental services
Spain/Golden Visa
Spain axes 'golden visa' popular with British expats
Israel/Gaza Withdrawal
Israel's Gaza withdrawal hints at what comes next
Germany says 'history' drives Israel aid in ICJ case
UN warns of ‘nuclear accident’ after drone attacks on Zaporizhzhia power plant
Children/Mental Health
Children must not be rushed to change gender, report warns
Hezbollah commando leader assassinated in Israeli air strike
Tanzania is wooing Chinese tourists with a new documentary
Israel/UK Arms
Civil servants threaten action over UK arms sales to Israel
Kenya plans Chinese, Japanese bonds to fund $ 2.5bn deficit
Ethiopia/Saudi Arabia
Ethiopia repatriates 70,000 nationals from Saudi Arabia
Zambia’s economy grew by 5.8% last year
US flags Kenya over bribes, extortion in public tenders
Somalia closed Ethiopian consulates and called back ambassador
Senegal’s Economy growing at a much slower rate
South Africa/Pollution
Coal closure delay could result in air pollution-related deaths
Ethiopia/Property Ownership
Ethiopia bets on property ownership offer to attract foreign investors
Africa/Mobile Money
The rate of growth in mobile money accounts in 2023 slowed down
OECD/Sustainability Report
Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2024
Forbes/Rich List
Forbes’ rich list gains trillion as Swift and Altman become billionaires
Somalia and IFAD sign financial accord to strengthen food security
OECD/Gender Pay Gap
Gender pay gap in OECD countries
WCK/Targeted By IDF
WCK founder says staff 'deliberately targeted' while delivering aid
Conservatives to lose all but five London seats in election disaster, poll
Israel/AId Workers killing
Israel used AI to identify 37,000 Hamas targets
Israel betrayed allies like Britain, says former Tory foreign minister

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