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Global journalist group says Israel-Hamas conflict beyond compare for media deaths
UNICEF/Child Poverty
UNICEF: 1 in 5 children in world’s richest countries living in poverty

Desperation intensifies in Gaza amid uncertainty of ‘safe zones’
UK exposes attempted Russian cyber interference
IFAD/The Netherlands
The Netherlands pledge $ 150 million to IFAD
ECB/Green Banks
'Green' banks lend most to polluters, reveals ECB
Israel/Gaza Blockade
Israel’s war on Gaza enters third month, aid delivery ‘near impossible’
Austria ends its suspension of aid to Palestinians
Aljazeera/Journalist Killed
Al Jazeera network condemns killing of reporter’s family
WFP/Gaza hunger
Most Palestinians going full day and night without food: WFP
UN/Gaza Carnage
Senior UN official denounces 'blatant disregard' in Gaza war
Gaza/Journalist Killed
Gaza journalist and family confirmed dead: local media
Israel/Gaza Blockade
Al Jazeera: Al-Shifa has no electricity, first aid only
Belgium/Israeli Settlers
Belgium to ban extremist Israeli settlers from entry
Israel/Gaza Destruction
Israel destroying Gaza faster than WWII bombing of Germany: report
Algeria/Human Rights
UN envoy paints a grim scene of human rights in Algeria
RSF/Gaza journalists
Journalists should be allowed in and out of Gaza: RSF
Israel/Media Killing
Investigation concludes Israeli strike on Reuters journalist 'deliberate'
Gaza/Children Suffering
Gaza: Aid access to north entirely blocked as war escalates in south
UN/Gaza Carnage
UN chief calls on Israel to ‘spare civilians suffering’ in Gaza
IFAD/Gender Equality
Gender equality in rural areas essential to climate change adaptation: IFAD
UNICEF/Gaza Children
UNICEF chief in Gaza, bears witness to grave violations against children
Gaza city 'catastrophic'
UK/Fat People
UK weight warning
COP28/Carbon Capture
COP28 warned over-relying on carbon capture costs €27 trillion
Israel/Extremist Minister
Israeli extremist minister calls for execution of Palestinian prisoner
Israel/Gaza Destruction
Israel commits massacre in south Gaza, humanitarian crisis looms
Israel/Nuclear airbase
Hamas rocket on Oct 7 struck Israeli nuclear missiles airbase: report
Netanyahu rules out any Palestinian-run government in Gaza
Lebanon's firefighters battle Israel's white phosphorus fires with masks
Zionism the ISIS of Judaism: Iranian Rabbi Younes Hamami Lalehzar
US senator Bernie Sanders to vote against Israel funding bill
UN/Gaza Catastrophe
UN foresees 'hellish scenario' as Israel stalls Gaza aid
Israel considers flooding Gaza tunnels with seawater
IFAD/Small Farmers
IFAD financing support to small-scale farmers in East Africa
Muslims in Europe feel vulnerable to rising hostility over Israel-Gaza

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